BM 3.6 SP2a, NW 5.1 SP8. Started last Monday our BM server start to behave oddly. First we noticed that internet access via BM proxy start show "Status : 500 Internal Server Error -- Description : Novell Proxy Memory Allocation error". After I'd restart server (change almost nothing, add few NAT addresses I have planned, this requires restart) it did work almost exactly 24 hours and ... we did lost connection to it. So few days. Exactly 24 hours. On server side it did work (console was ok) and I could note Monitor info etc., but on restart attempt from console it didn't restart - console hung -, but in other way was accessible for open programs from console. I have to push the button. And ... 24 and same. It did work 310 days before that and years before that wo any major problems.
Any ideas to start for looking some numbers from console. I tried, but for me it shows almost ... normal. Didn't start brdsrv (incl. proxy) anymore and same happen, few hours later than 24 hours running.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
More thanks, Alar.
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