running a W2K3 XenApp-Terminalserver with installed ZCM 10.1.2 Adaptive Agent.
Starting an Citrix-Applikation works correct (creates an DLU-User and starts the Application).
Closing the application by the user closes the application on the terminalserver.

But: normally closing the application should close the terminal-sever-session also (and logging out the user from the server).

The task-list on the server shows a running process "ZCMUMHelper.exe" for the user.
Killing this task will result in a "correct Logout" of the user!
This let me assume the process ZCMUMHelper.exe will block the correct logout handling!

(After renaming the .exe to .xxx - as a test - the logoff procedure works correct, but it's not my intent getting other problems when doing so in a productive environment.)

Any hints for this?