Running BM3.7sp2 FieldPatch F on NW6.0sp3 with tcpip607j.rev2.

Problem: proxy.nlm comes up with a bind to an ip address of extended ascii characters and then, naturally, reports a bind error 49 and
complains that the ip address is invalid.

Attempted solutions: ran bm3rmall.nlm to remove all bm settings from
server - looked like a corrupted value. Ran dsrepair on the server
the master replica for the partition the BM server is in. Also
ipflt and filtsrv to simplify the situation. Then loaded brdsrv (no
errors) and went into nwadmin32 to reconfigure BM. Again to keep it simple I ONLY added the public and private IP addresses - did not
any proxy's at all. After timestamp sync completed (takes 80 seconds)
checked the BM IP Address Setup...and lo and behold the Public IP
was GONE!? The Private IP is there all nice and happy. Clearly if I configured any proxy services they would not work since there is no
public IP addy to regen the packets onto...

Any ideas? I'm hoping not to hear "Remove server from NDS, reinstall
reinstall BM, etc...."

Here is some other possibly salient info on how we are setting up this

particular BM Proxy/firewall (and yes it is weird and backwards...):
1. The 'Public' network is in reality our backbone network. Yeah the

network with all of the servers used by our staff and workstations
we own and control. So the BM server is accessing the Tree on its
nic, not the Private nic. The reason for this will me made clearer,
hopefully, shortly. This nic has an ip address from our subnetted
Class B
pool (142.x.x.x/
2. The 'Private' network will have hosts from a wireless lan. So
with a laptop (etc) could access our network, expect we have a BM
Proxy/Firewall controlling this particular border. So we will grant
users limited access to our backbone (eg selected web servers) and the

internet (http only). No ncp services are permitted on this network
an IP exclusion. This nic has an ip address of

3. The hosts file...I often wonder how or why this should matter since

all the info is in NDS...but I digress. The hosts file has been set up

all three ways possible: both public and private ip, only public ip,
only private ip. No effect on the disappearing public ip problem
mentioned above.
4. Finally at one point, right after the initial setup, it worked the
it was supposed to. Then I went on vacation for three weeks and ...
you know the rest.
5. Thanks for reading this far - even if it was only because you were

bored and had nothing better to do and don't have a clue what my, er
servers problem is.

Ron Neilly
Network Services Coordinator