We are new Novell customers with a small installation base of 5 SLES10 servers. We are hoping to add SLES10 to our or OS inventory as a new, flexible platform, SLES is competing with RedHat and AIX. Our first deployments are small-scale, independent infrastructure servers so we are getting experienced on SLES and are able to prepare our operational procedures (patching, hardening, monitoring, application deployment etc).

Our first servers have been purchased as a "BASIC" subscription to keep the initial investment cost low until we deploy to the mission-critical systems. We figured we can handle small issues on our own and did so for a few month's.

Now came the first need to contact Novell tech support for a recent issue with ZMD, Novells Zenworks daemon. Here is were the trouble starts. I tried to log a online service request to Novell through my Novell account, but the service request form tells me "There are no valid support entitlements associated with this account."

Reading carefully through the service description for "Basic" it says:
Fixes: 30 days of web based installation and basic configuration support and 12 x5 support with 2 business day response time

Question: is my interpretation correct that "Basic" provides only 30 days of service at all? There is no access to any support after 30 days?

We don't mean to bother Novell for any OpenSource included in SLES10, but what about Novells own products such as Novell ZenWorks? Is it covered by any other support forum?

I do not expect a immediate response or fix from Novell, but I would like to log our bug report somewhere to Novell engineers. Is there a SLES or Novell bug database we can view or enter into?

Clarification about the offered support levels and access to Novell support would be very appreciated. We are not yet a point were we would like to discuss the MLA/VLA agreement options. We would like to get just some basic e-mail support for a handful servers.

Best Regards,
Frank Migge