I installed NW5.1 and SP6. I then installed BM 3.7. I am having a
installing the BM snapins on my workstation. Whenever I click on the executable it locks up my workstation (Win2k) so bad that I have to
restart it. Occasionally it will recover but even that takes about 5 minutes of waiting if it does happen. If it recovers it leaves me
to access any NW drives from my workstation. The only way I can access

these drives after a failure is to relogin to the tree.

I've tried this install on two seperate physical boxes (that I set up
same way) and the problem occured on both. I've also tried to run the

snapins from a few different workstations and they lock up in the same

way. I've also tried logging into the NW server from behind it rather
infront of it and that didn't help. By the way, I'm using the 4.9
on all my workstations that I've tried this with. So, I was wondering
anyone has any ideas what the problem is or how to fix it. It seems
I've tried everything.