I am having a serious issue with our automatic imaging.

The new computers are too fast for the network card!

Novell Client: 4.90
ZDM: 6.5

What I've done:
New HP 6930p laptop, new os image, newest drivers, same addon images with ZDM, Novell Client and the lot...
The same deal for the new Dell OptiPlex 760, new os image, newest drivers, same addon image with ZDM; Novell Client and the lot...

The process:
- the whole image process is done with ZenWorks which formats and transfers the images.
- boots to XP which runs mini-setup
- boots after minisetup then installs the drivers that are NOT automatically updated + ZDM
- boots and auto-logins(over network) installs Novell client + other applications

Here, I have 2 problems, one that follows the other:
- After the 2nd boot, in which ZDM is installed, it NORMALLY makes it to auto-login and then continues the setup.
-- The problem is that the computer is too fast before the network is ready on the local computer, and as such is unable to auto-login and fails.

The other problem:
- The computer is also too fast when the Novell Client is installed, it loads the client too fast so it appears as the PC is not in the network(with workstation only checked).
-- If one waits 5-10 seconds, press [Esc] or Cancel, it is ready and discovers the network.

What I have DONE to try to solve it myself(both ZDM/Novell Client)
- I've searched up, and manually walked through the registry.
-- The Novell Client is dependant on the group NetworkProvider in the registry.
--- I've put NetworkProvider very last in the bootup sequence list, without any noticable change
-- I've also tried to move PNP_TDI and TDI further up in the startup sequence, again without noticable change
-- ZDM is not tied to any dependencies in the way the Novell Client is, so I tried to attach it to the NetworkProvider and again have it last in the sequence, no noticable change.

Any ideas how I can put up / delay or in some way make the network card be in a "better" state as to login to the network vs delay the logon service sufficiently for the login to be properly executed.