We are in the process of updating vom zfd 4 to zfd 7; about 1/3 of our workstations have the new zen agent installed. We start nalwin32.exe (from local disc) in the system login script which works fine with both versions. All applications show up in the NAL.

But some of our users are used to pulling NAL icons unto their desktops (although we do not recommend this). Those icon copies do not function any longer after updating to zfd 7.

It seems that when starting the older version of nalwin32.exe, this automatically started desktop.exe which could be observed in the windows task manager. Now nalwin32.exe starts nalwin.exe. It would appear, that nalwin.exe is indeed the new version of NAL and could be started alone without nalwin32.exe. But neither of the two starts naldesk.exe.

I tried to start naldesk.exe manually, and the icon copies are functioning again. But now in addition I get a link to application explorer on the desktop and another in the systray, which I would rather not have.

As a workaround I might put naldesk.exe into the login script additionally, but I would like to know if there is a possibility of removing those two application explorer links or if there is another method of getting the NAL desktop icons to function with zfd 7 agent.

Thank you.