I've finally got NSS on SLES down and wish to tear down my SLESsp1/OES(nosp)/ZCM10.1.2 box. However, there's way too much work that i put into the ZCM zone and i would like to continue the zone.

I have a bright shiny new server coming before the end of the week and wish to install SLES10sp2/OESsp1/zcm10.1.2 and integrate it into my existing Zone.

Question is, can i tell ZCM to sort of copy all the data from the zone by making the new server a primary server as well and then making sure all the content replicates over? It's a lot of clicking, i have no doubt, but I really really really dont want to redesign my zone from scratch. We're talking since Jan of last year this thing's been up.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you