We just upgraded for BM 3.7 to 3.8. All went well except the VPN
Extension failed. Hence I went down the VPNMigration.ncf route but
fails as well. See log below.

Can someone help ASAP? We have no VPN services at all until this is

On the VPNMigration Java screen we see the following:

CreateProcess: load: could not execute (err=6)
com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.uniquespiexcept ion: (error -604)
object class that does not exist in the directory is being referenced
a utility.
Then a number of java lines are listed followed by VPN Configuration Migration Failed.

Dale Bentley

CONSOLE:VPN Configuration Migration Tool Log File.
CONSOLE:VPN Migration Tool is Authenticated to server.
SERVER:Successfully got the server object entry.
SERVER:Successfully got the Name space of the server.
SERVER:Successfully got the NS object of server.
SERVER:Successfully got the context object entry.
SERVER:Successfully got the tree object entry.
SERVER:Server object is instantiated.
SERVER:Successfully read the BRDSRVS: Component Enable Flag.
SERVER:NBM3.6/3.7 VPN is configured in this Server.
SERVER:Successfully loged into DS.
SERVER:Server Certificate Already existing with this name.
SERVER:Trusted Root Container already Existed.
SERVER:Successfully Created the Trusted Root Object.
SERVER:Failed to add the VPN Server Auxiliary Class.
CONSOLE:VPN configuration Migration Failed.
CONSOLE:VPMASTER/VPSLAVE is removed from the load line.