I am trying to pre-install OOo3. Here is how I have the app setup.
It is an msi.
The app is assigned Read and File Scan rights.
It has a transform file applied to the app.
There are no rules in the availability tab
It is just an install no Path to File:
Pre-Install Application is checked.
Schedule type is none.
Distribute in workstation Security Space if Workstation Associated I had it one when trying to install with associations to workstation and off when I tried associations to users.
Under associations I have either the user or the workstation but no boxes checked.

Zenworks 7.1
Windows XP sp3

It will not install either associated to the workstation or the user. I turned on the reporting to see if it was even trying to install and failing but it does not even try to install. If I click on the app in App Window it installs fine.

Any help is appreciated!