Running into an issue with workstation registrations getting the same GUID---but only on certain workstations. Others get a new guid like they should. I have confirmed the GUID is not on my base image, and have run below imaging.

Question is: where could I find this on the server and nuke that GUID. Obviously it's causing alot of issues for me as I am trying to image alot of workstations --- some register properly and others are getting "bumped" off/replaced by another that uses this problem GUID.
Any ideas on a where I could solve this on the server side? Is the DB corrupt?

Here is what I have used on the image to insure there is no GUID on the image:

Install Agent - do not reboot
zac fsg -d (to delete GUID)

zac fsg
Manually register zac reg

and have even tried from a Novell TID:
Run zac fsg -d
Run zac unr -f
Clear ziswin
Deleted %zenworks_home%\cache\zmd /s
renamed %zenworks_home%\conf\initial-web-service.bak to initial-web-service
reboot and registered with zac reg