Since my server hardware problem then need to replace some hardware.
Then, I install NW 5 + BM 3 with NW5 support pack 6.0a + BM 3 support
into one PC for temp use with exsiting configuration.
The PC is no problem and work well with on-line around 2 month.

Now, the server hardware was repair. Then, I need reinstall this
system back
to that server. But That have big problem apper.

After I install NW 5.0 + BM 3.0 and then install NW5.0 support pack
The proxy.nlm can't load. It show follow error.
"Reading NDS Configuration information when PROXY.NLM is loading
BorderManager Proxy initialization failed. The proxy will be

I search Novell TID and try all of that solution .

search results for "Proxy Initialization Failed
(/Product_Class=NetWare OR
/Product_Class=Novell BorderManager Services)"


But still can't fix the problem. And I try to reinstall the system
many time
with different step.
Anyway. After install NW Support 6.0a. The proxy.nlm will not load and
above error.

Please help. Thank you very much !!!