This could be related to a question I posted earlier but in case it is

different, here is our issue.

We just upgraded from BM v3.7 to v3.8 and are having trouble getting
original Client to Site to function. No VPN Clients can now find the
Authentication Gateway. This seems fair enough as when VPMASTER loads,

AUTHGW does not.

When AUTHGW attempts to load the following shows in the logger screen
AUTHGW fails:

Loading module AUTHGW.NLM
VPN SERVER COMPONENT - NetWare VPN Authentication Gateway
Version 6.01.07 17 October 2003 Copyright 1997-2003 Novell, Inc. All

Rights Reserved. Portions Copyright 1986-1995, RSA Data Security, Inc.

SERVER-5.60-918: Loader cannot find public symbol: VPN_ACLCheck for
Error processing External Records.
Module AUTHGW.NLM NOT loaded
Module AUTHGW.NLM load status UNRESOLVED

Via iManager we have created the VPN server and setup C2S.

Dale Bentley