I don't expect any of you will know who this was. He taught high school band in Dodgeville, WI, for many, many years. Two of my three older siblings were taught by him. He sang in our church choir for as long as I knew. I sang barbershop choir with him in high school and for a couple years afterward. He played in a nearby community band. (Yay trombonists!)
It was wonderful to know him as I did.

I'll never forget my first barbershop practice after graduating from high school. Out of habit I called him 'Mr. Mingst' and he corrected me saying, 'Alan, you've graduated. Now you call me John.' I'll never forget the respect he showed everyone he encountered.

Bless you, John. You've taught us good music, how to have good, clean fun, and how to be good people.

I think I'll rent Mr Holland's Opus tonight and have a good cry.