To all,

We are currently running BM 3.5 on NW 5.1 and we are purchasing new =hardware and planning to move to NW 6.5 and BM 3.8 in a two node
cluster. I am wondering how well this works? In theory I should be able to
take down one server for maintenance and not have any user downtime....Is
this correct? Secondly, We currently have the Cyberpatrol filter running
and obviously this is no longer supported so we are moving to the
Surfcontrol product on a WIN 2003 server which is also new. My question is will
the surfcontrol work with the BM cluster?

BTW, We only use BM for proxy. We have a Checkpoint firewall for firewalling and VPN access. Thanks.

Adam Osterholt
Network Manager
The Children's Medical Center
Dayton, OH