Here is a scenario I have no explaination for, and was wondering if anyone has even the remotest possibitly of the cause.

Did the first SP7 patch in our tree. The tree is mixed nw65 sp3-sp6.

After the SP7 install(over an sp6 box), the majority of our clients starting getting the nmas timout 1644. I couldnt get a trace with ncc.

This problem only resolved itself after rebooting the Root replica servers--I believe it got fixed when actually booting Master of Root. That box is nw65sp6. it does not have SS204 on it though. 5 of the 7 root replicas have ss204, this one and the other simply have the version with sp6.

what is odd is that this happend about 1 year ago too when installing OES1 in the tree. Right after that install 1644's until I rebooted the root replicas.

In between I have installed a zillion sP6 boxes, with no issues.

does anyone have any clue why this would happen? I really have no idea what an SP7 patch could do to cause this. Weird slp issue? nmas schema update doing something(dont see how).

i am begging for help on this one.