GMS for Linux v2.0.3 incl the Securegateway all works well with the SG and GMS on one box, but installing the SG on another box in the DMZ just gives the annoying "intended relay server..." error as if the SG cant find GMS or vice versa.

I suspect that some config on the box in the DMZ needs to contain information on where the GMS is located IP/DNS wize. (I have added the new SG in the GMS admin webinterface)

I suspect that it is the file thet needs some info added, but the documentation is not really clear on what to do ?

Maybe most people keep the GMS and SG in one box, but we really need the SG to be in the DMZ - and the quiestion is what other config needs to be done other than installing it there and adding the new SG on the GMS admin webinterface ?

Alternatively any reason we could not place the entire GMS/SG in the DMZ ?

Kind Regards Bjrn