I'm having a really bizarre issue with re-imaging our workstations.

We have Zen7 installed on a SLES 10 server. I use the following script to re-image our XP SP3 workstations:

img pd1
sleep 10
img pc1 ntfs 10236
sleep 10
img pa1
sleep 10
img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/mnt/imaging/image.zmg a1:p1

(the sleep commands are so I can verify that the prior command was successful).

I'm finding that I have files that are not on the image.zmg but were on the previous hard drive partition 1. I have even had processes start up that are not on the image.zmg image like patch management, etc. It's like the partition was never deleted. Is there a way to wipe the partition completely before the restore?