I installed BdrMgr 3.7 on a Netware 6 test network using the latest
edition of "A Beginnerís Guide to BorderManager 3.x" as my roadmap and

leaning aid. All appeared to go as expected but neither of two PCs on

the private side of the network pick up an IP address from the DHCP
server (the DSL router). The actual network on which BdrMgr will
eventually be installed carries only 20+ light users on a single
server (with GroupWise) so I would DHCP and DNS performed by the
router and ISP respectively.

If I disable all filters (filtcfg) or shut down BdrMgr the PCs still
do not load an IP address so the problem may well be further up the
line (Netware TCP/IP settings?). I've been researching this for overa week to no avail - likely I'm missing the obvious. Any ideas or
suggestions are appreciated.

Tom Theimer

- 2 NICs, public and private.
- Public interface bound to a fixed IP address.
- Able to ping an external IP address from the server.
- Both private side PCs are running WinXP Prof