We are running a Dell poweredge 2800 with a 3.8 ghz xeon processor and 4 GB of memory running Netware 6.5 sp7. We also have 2 Broadcom network cards that are teamed for network balancing. The server is strictly setup as a file server.

This morning I was alerted to a problem with the server. The Utilization was around 92-95% (normally arround 3-5%). For some unknown reason one of the network teams errored (Fatal Team delete multicast address... Driver does not support Multicasts.). So all of the systems that have a network drive mapped to this server could not gain access to the files they required. The odd thing is we use a third party software called IPSentry to monitor different servers and this app alerted us that it was able to intermittently connect to the server.

After I had shutdown the other systems that were asking for files and I tried to unload the ians and recreate the network teams the system froze. The only way I could get the system to work was to do a hard reset. Then the system restarted and everything appears to be fine.

I've looked at a lot of various logs files and none of them have anything to say about the occurances from this morning (2:30 am). I've looked at the Abend.log, the sys$err.log and the Health.log. None of them have anything about what happened at that time. Is there some other logs that I can look at to try and deteremine what happened? If so, can you please be very specific as to where they are located (I'm new to netware).

The drive that was being accesssed the most had a low amount of free space, there was 120GB of 815GB available. Moving some of the data to the other drive (1.34 TB available) is not an option right now. Is this the possible reason why we could have lost the connection. To many computers wanted access to this drive and because of the low amount of free space they were unable to do this as quickly as they normally would. Thus creating a greater burden on the network cards and ultimately causing one of the teams to break.

This system has operated for many years while using this network team setup. What else can I look at to try and determine the cause of this problem.

Thank you for the help.