Ok, so this is a problem I've worked with for several months, and the
desperation level is rising :-(

Dave has been very helpfull by pointing to his gwcheck logfile parser.

The problem is that all documents ending in xx1 can't be opened.
Now, the library is on Linux, and the utility runs on windows.

When I try to use the gwcheck parser to overwrite the documents back in
to the library, it tries to open the "sles" server (sles is the
servername) with the share under it.
The problem is that share's aren't shown under "sles", if I use windows
and go under 'sles' none of the samba shares are shown, they are only
shown under the ip.
If I open the IP, it shows the shares under the hostname 'samba xxxx'
something something.
The "sles" name is correctly resolved to the right IP if I ping it.

So I can't get the utility and the import to get access to the linux

Now, I've considered just throwing away the old library and move it to a
new library, and just use the librarian mass document operations, and
then manually reimport the documents ending in 1.
I've assigned a user librarian rights to the old, as well as the new
library, but it won't find any documents.

So now what?

Please help me out here...