Who knows, how to define a "new vendor class" for DHCP, NW6.5?

All I can find right now is the "global options" button in DNSDHCP.EXE,
tab "DHCP Options table": There I can modify the existing standard DHCP

But I cannot figure out, how to define a new vendor class...

As described in the (German language) Avaya Setup Guide, such a new
Vendor Class is opening a new, full range of DHCP options, that does
*NOT* conflict with the existing default dhcp options.

In the admin-tools forum Dave pointed me to this Wiki entry written by


In short: Starting with NW6.5.6 the use of vendor specific DHCP
Extensions *IS* possible, if it's only *ONE* new vendor. (no support
for multiple vendor's extensions)

I don't get, how to use "vendor specific DHCP options" later on?

Another one from this forum, Dave pointed me to, is this one:


That one is describing what I need, I think. Well, I cannot get what
steps to do in ConsoleOne upon what object's values??

Any suggestions or URLs to further docs are mostly appreciated,

regards, Rudi.