NW 6.5 SP7 server that was abending all day yesterday. The server would shutdown and reboot without warning. Noticed some directories that used to be writable were no longer so I did a pool verify and rebuild last night on the SYS and DATA pools. SYS showed no errors but DATA did.

Everything appeared to be back to normal so I installed SP8. The server ran fine all night until it came under load this morning when it rebooted again. This time, nothing in the ABEND.log. I pulled the 2 aftermarket sticks of RAM that had been in there for 2-3 years and brought the server back up. Same issue. This morning when I went to the portal for that server it rebooted again. Possibly a coincodence but I went ahead and unloaded Apache (ap2webdn) and JAVA (unload JAVA) just in case.

No cooling problems. No power problems. No (apparent) hardware problems although we did lose a drive from the RAID 5 array almost 2 months ago. Replaced it and let it rebuild. No issues.

Abend log with 2 abend records from yesterday attached.