I have (3) OES1SP2 servers. All have replicas (master + 2 RW).

When attempting to change a user password using iManager, I receive
the error "(Error -634) The target server does not have a copy of what
the source server is requesting. Or, the source server has no objects
that match the request and has no referrals on which to search for the

On all three servers . . .

ndsrepair reports time is good (-T), db is good (-R), replica ring is
good (-N)

ndstrace shows sync is good

slptool shows slp is good

Two of the servers have been in place for a few years and we have not
had any problems with passwords before (though, admittedly we may
never have changed a password before . . . but we certainly set them).

The third server runs GroupWise 7 and was added this year. We
probably have not attempted to change a password since this server was

Other eDirectory changes happen with no problem.

iManger is 2.5.20051102.

Trying to change password in ConsoleOne reports a 632 error.

namusermod reports "Can't contact LDAP server." but I never used this
before today so I may have syntax wrong. Ports 389 and 636 are
listening on all three servers and we have no other LDAP issues (web
site authentication OK, etc).

id admin works demonstrating LUM is OK.

I know it looks like server communications, but we are just not seeing
eDirectory errors.

eDirectory on all servers is 10552.79.

Thanks in advance.