I am currently working on a server that is being used as a proxy
only. The server has the following specs:

Internet downstream: approx. 14mbit
Internet upstream: approx. 2mbit
Student / teachers using this server as internet proxy: approx. 2100
Lan: 2x 100mbit (or 1000mbit, not sure yet)
Processor: dual Intel Xeon 2,4 Ghz
Memory: 1Gb
Harddisks: SCSI Raid 5 60Gig (so 3 harddisks)

Software installed is Netware 6.5 and BorderManager 3.8.

My question, is this server pure overkill or is this a very fine
server for
the above configuration?
Is it possible to do more on this server or should I leave it
dedicated to
being a proxy server?

Regards, John