Were running WinxppSP2 with NWclient 4.91 sp2 with "Novell 5008520 Novell
Client 4.91 Post-SP2/3/4 NWSPOOL.DLL 2" patch.
The ZPM is with clients.

Weve rolled out "Novell 080930 Novell Client 4.91 SP5 Update for Windows
XP,2K3 (All Languages)" to a number of machines and we are now starting to
see people having problem changing password on login. When their password
expires and they get the question on login if they want to change password
and the user chooses Yes they get this error message:
"An unsupported operation was attempted", if they click OK on that box they
will log in wothout changing password.

Has anyone else seen this and might know what it is caused by ?