the first problem that we are having at the School District, is that when we image, sometimes we get instead of a bash....the blue screen with the linuxrc installation source comes up and we have to reboot sometimes it comes up again (rarely) or the reboot and the bash alows me to type img and things are good.

The second issue we have, is that our Network Administrator isn't completely versed on the ins and outs of Novell it requires us to hire a consultant to do the simplest of tasks, updates, creating new Zen10 Server and such, my point is that nwo since he upgraded our ZCM Imaging engine to 10.0.1, he doesn't know the procedure on how to properly update the Imaging engine to latest and greatest, the second part to that, is now since we are 10.0.1 we have lost SATA capability to most of our systems, and I know we had to hire our consultant to get the SATA drivers working on ZCMIE The issue is our consultant is unavailable, and I need help installing driver packs on the Zen 10.### imaging engine to a point where I can document this, and save our district from having to pay someone everytime we need something done. I know this is alot to ask, but I'm MCSE, and I know NOTHING about Novell, but our Network Admin isn't motivated enough to learn the stuff himself, but rather pay someone to do it. Please e-mail me