I just wanted to start a list of issues that we have seen in ZCM that 10.1.3 does not seem to fix. I am also curious if anybody else is seeing these problems or is it just me.

1. Group Policies don't always apply correctly (or at all).
2. Device assigned policies (DLU, NAL, RM) don't apply most of the time.
3. Deivice assigned bundles do not show in the NAL window, but are seen in the Agent Properties.

We have a test enviroment only. eDir network on Netware 6.5 servers. SLES 10 sp1 server for ZCM. Win XP sp2 or 3 clients.

ZCM has gotten MUCH better. However, we are not moving forward until the above 3 issues are solved and ZCM becomes more reliable at login.

Also curious is someone has played with DSfW (Directory Services for Windows) on OES2 sp2 and if that bypasses the policy issues.

Thanks a bunch!