I am working on collapsing all my iprint print managers/servers into 1 iprint manager/server. I want to create a custom web page that will allow users to select thier printers by location.

I've read through the iprint documentation and examples in htdocs\ippdocs\examples. If I understand correctly, in order to provide a printer list by location, the examples say that you have to "href" the URL to the print manager per location. For example, in my html file I have to add the ip address of my iprint manager server as in the example below:

<div style="position:absolute; left:30; top:40">
<a name="bogota"></a>
<font size="+1"><b>Bogota</b><br></font>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" target=printers>Edificio A <br></a>

From what I understand, this means that i have to have 1 print manager per location and in the custom web page, point my location links to the appropriate print manager for the respective location.

Is this the way it works?

If so, is there a way to have 1 print manager holding all your iprint printers and create custom web pages to pull up the printers via location?