Hi !
We found a bug that need to be replicate on your system.

How to reproduce :

1) OES 2 SP1 Linux with AFP installed.

1) WIndows XP SP3 + Novell Client 4.91 SP5
1) MAC OS X lastest version.

Step to reproduce

a) Create a folder under the volume NSS with a special caracters like : with the Windows XP workstation. Ex : Camra ric cole Hlicoptre

b) Go on the MAC OS X workstation, select the AFPSHARE go to the folder that you just created and then

b1) Try to create a regular folder. We will not be able to rename it.
b2) Try to copy a file from the MAC OS X localy to the AFPSHARE under the folder : You will have a popup saying the name of the file is too long, or corrumpt. The file will be copied with 0 bytes and the files will be corrupted.

Everything works fine if you don't use French caracters in our folder names or files names.