Hi All,

First off, forgive my ignorance if this has already passed the forums... could not find any threads and was also not sure where to place the question.

I am interested to know if any of you are using and/or have found useful tools that can be used along with ZCM10.

For example: With ZenWorks (4 and up) ZenWorks Browser is still a very popular tool. Excellent to hand over to a help desk without the need for them to fire up ConsoleOne. Missing such a tool with ZCM.

One thing I also would like to know,, Is it possible to export an application (and it's files) and import it again.. This is useful when having a separate test and production environment. It's quicker than having to remake the application bundle and less chances on a remake error.

Curious to know which tools you are using!

Thanks for you time,