I have one server, 1.25GB RAM (recently upgraded from 256MB RAM),
Pentium III. The server runs NetWare 5.1, BorderManager 3.7,
GroupWise 6.0,
DHCP Server, and it is a file server. There are 5 workstations that
to the server, I have a very small network and I've taught myself how
configure networks so I'm not exactly an expert.

A cable modem (dynamic IP address) is plugged into a NetGear router.
router is plugged into a NIC on the server with IP Address, the
public side of my network. The other NIC in my server has an IP
Address of, and it connects to a hub and to the rest of the private
side of
my network.

I configured the five client computers to connect to the proxy server
at for HTTP in internet explorer options. When the
computers connect to the server they can only access certain websites,

yahoo.com for example seems to work pretty well for some reason,
however, it
still loads very slow. If the client is able to finally reach a web
most of the graphics do not load, and the page itself takes several
to fully load. Most web pages do not load at all, and I often receive
Gateway Time-Out or 502 errors.

I wrote down some statistics from the various BorderManager Console
I'm not sure if this information is of any help:

Current Activity (Novell BorderManager FastCache Current Activity):
Client connect attempts: 333 failed: 176
Total HTTP Fills: 330 failed: 168
Number of cache nodes: 143 hot: 51 cold: 92

DNS Statistics:
DNS Hosts cached: 48 expired: 46
Number of DNS host lookup requests: 383
DNS UDP Requests: 78 replies: 67 timed out: 11
Connect to host calls: 340
Number of connect to host calls that used an idle persistent
Number of connect to host calls that failed: 177
Number of connect to host calls that succeeded: 102
Connect reset retries: 68
Addresses marked unreachable: 32
Negative cache time exceeded: 7

HTTP Server Statistics:
Total Server connections: 144
Number of HTTP Server requests: 522
Requests that switched connection to persistent: 144
Requests that switched connection to non-persistent: 0
Requests received on an existing persistent connection: 263
Number of errors returned: 170
Number of not modified replies: 13
Number of request headers processed: 2954

HTTP Client Statistics:
Total client connections: 297
Number of HTTP client cache fill requests: 365
Replies switched to persistent: 0
Replies switched to non-persistent: 36
HTTP Errors returned: 183
HTTP client reply headers processed: 1209
Successful HTTP fills from origin: 183

Any ideas? Thanks,