I install in a virtualmachine windows 2003 R2 standard SP1 with SQL Server 2005 sp1.

In the same virtual machine, after SQL installation, using snapshot I install firstly ZUWS 3.5 ir5 and secondly ZESM-4.0.102.
The installation of ZUWS work fine but when I try to access to custom report with view-Reporting menu in Managment Console results an application crash and i can't access to the report.

Installing ZESM-4.0.102 this problem does not occur.

When the managment console crash two exception be logged to application log that i have attach.

I try to login in SQL managment studio with the username RS_STRSDB_User and the password that I find in C:\Program Files\Novell\ESM Single Server\AuthenticationLib\web.config and access correctly. The reporting database is correctly installed