We have installed two Bm 3.7 server (clusted) in our netwerk. (we used
to have one)

Strange thing is when i activate the filters (default from cd) i
cannot even browse the internet.

The proxy are installed in differente scope's , so they got both an
own NBM Rule Container, and of course there own filter.cfg

No i have noticed that when i alter filters on proxy server one and =reinitilize, the second filter also says reinitilize filters.

Does this mean, Bm can only work with 1 NBMRule Container? and because
of this both proxy server reinitilize filter at the sametime?

Cause i have two NBMRule Containers, can this be why my filtering
doesn't work properly. (of course i have delted one to test, but the filters
still fail.)

Hope anybody understands my problem