Many Dell D810's are being refurbed here to save $$ with shrinking budgets.
2GB RAM upgrade and an solid state disk should make things much speedier.

We ran tests between SLC and MLC drives--the SLC wins by a wide margin. So
we settled on (relatively) cheap SLC-based IDE/ATA SSD's. 1 person will be
receiving a Trancend MLC-based upgrade as we're not just going to throw that
out, now are we?

After setting up a few units we the described upgrades and reinstalling
WindowsXP from our standard image, I noticed that when the power cord was
removed from the unit at any time, the screen goes black, the unit stays
powered on but nothing happens. I tested all 3 units, they all do this,
with Dell batteries and with aftermarket batteries.

So I put the old hard disks back in...they didn't exhibit this problem. The
*did* however, make the screen flash black the moment the power cord was
removed from the unit, but that didn't cause any issues as the unit kept
chugging along. Why would this issue happen with the SSD disks and not the
conventional disks?

So, my guess is that the voltage draw with the SSD installed is too *low*.
It's just a guess.

What's your guess?