HELP! I installed the new NW6 SP4 this weekend on two NW6SBS machines

that had previously been patched up to SP3. Both machines run BMEE
with a site-to-site VPN running successfully between both machines.

However, after SP4, VPTUNNEL refuses to load. On each machine, it
"Unresolved" when trying to load VPTUNNEL.LAN. When I try a
re-initialize of system, it says "Cannot find board for VPTUNNEL" when

trying to bind either IP or IPX protocols.

The SP4 readme says that 56-bit encryption is not supplied with SP4,
that as a result VPN's may not work. It gave two workaround options,

one of which was to recopy the three TCP files (tcpip.nlm, tcp.nlm and

bsdsock.nlm) to SYS:SYSTEM. On each server, I copied these three
from TCP607L (Domestic). No Joy.

Then I tried to reconfigure the master and slave server with new
encryption keys (the other option suggested in the SP4 readme). Still

No Joy.

I am dead in the water with my site-to-site VPN. Anyone got any
suggestions?? Is backrevving to SP3 the only real option, or am I
missing something simple?

Chip Reinhardt