First of all, many thanks to M Rosen for his help over on the GWIA forum. Since updating our SP7 install to SP8 I've been having issues with DNS, DHCP and Clustering.

In iManager, the cluster appears to be healthy and fine. The cluster shares DNS and DHCP info correct? Its not just for eDir?

I have a Primary node and a backup. NSlookup will work from either node but not both and not at the same time. Every hour or so NSlookup will work from Server 1 but not Server 2. An hour or so later, NSlookup will work from Server 2, but not Server 1.

Since SP8 was installed named no longer loads automatically. However, it loads without issue when I load it manually on either server.

So here are my questions:
1. How do I get named to load automatically? And/or is this a symptom of a bigger issue that I should be focussing on?

2. Is there a good document with real world examples that will help me troubleshoot my DNS configuration?

That's what I have so far. Thanks again for all the help!