OES2SP1 running on HP DL380G4. This is a new build in preparation for
a GW8 box. Array 1 holds /swap, /boot, and / while array 2 holds
/mail. I want to be able to map to /mail so used ncpcon to created a
volume called mail: "ncpcon create volume mail /mail" was the command
used. Reported back as being created, C1 from a windows workstation
shows a volume "servername_MAIL" Not sure where the caps came from as
the entire create command was in lower case.

Anyway, when attempting to mount this using "ncpcon mount mail" or
ncpcon "mount mail" in a terminal session I get a failure message
indicating error 146. I can find nothing about an error 146 in the
man pages nor searching support.novell.com.

How do I get this volume to successfully mount? I'm just starting to
switch things over to Linux from NW6.5 and finding troubleshooting to
be much more of a problem than it was on Netware...