Here is the scenario: We are using BM3.7SP2 on a NW6SP2 box.

When I browse to a site and look to download a file and that file is on an
FTP server, I get a 504 gateway timeout. If I browse for the pages via
FTP and browse to the directory, I can download the files without
incident. It appears to be an issue where there are lots of files in a
single FTP subdirectory and I am timing out, but I have change several of
the timeout settings in BM to no avail.

Example: Go to HP's driver website and try to download the LaserJet 4
Plus drivers. You get a gateway timeout. Type into your
browser and tunnel into the folder containing your driver and you can
download the files.

If it were a filtering issue, I could not get to the ftp site at all.

I have looked at the TIDs regarding the timeout settings and have tried
several with no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Steve D.