When remoting into other workstations using Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe), I'm able to log in but then the remote desktop session is immediately ended. If I wait a few seconds and then remote to the same system again, I will see a screen indicating that the comptuer is locked (with my account that I just attempted to remote in on), then I can log in. I can't figure out why the session ends as the login process is carrying out.

We are on Zenworks 7. This has happened on XP Pro SP2 and SP3 machines. There are never any firewalls turned on. It doesn't matter whether the computer is on the same subnet or not. I'm trying to login using a local account that exists on both systems. Also it doesn't matter whether I have workstation checked or not. The error I recieve is:

"Your Remote Desktop session has ended. The connection to the remote computer was lost, possibly due to network connectivity problems. Try connecting to the remote computer again. If the problem continues, contact your administrator or technical support."

I've checked the System error logs on the both PC's and nothing abnormal is logged when the remote desktop session is terminated. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!