I'm looking for some suggestions for possibly ditching Backup Exec as our backup program if I can find someone else that can do the job better. Here is what we have going on...

Right now we are a shared environment with 3 Netware, 1 OES, and 10 Windows servers. With Backup Exec support for Netware leaving, and a slower migration to OES than I was hoping for, I'm looking forward and starting to get concerned about our current backup process.

I'm not at all impressed with the Symantec RALUS agent for Linux. I installed it successfully once, it ran for a couple of months and now it keeps giving me a segmentation fault error whenever it tries to start so I can't backup the server. Good thing it is a test/production box so backing up isn't critical.

Now we migrated and upgraded a windows server from Server 2000/SQL 2000 to Server 2003/SQL 2008 and the remote agent will not attach to the SQL databases. We completely upgraded our backup system to 12.5 for compatibility, and after a week on the phone with support they are telling me it is a Microsoft issue and call them about it now.

That is currently an 0 for 2 record support from Symantec, and it is enough to get me looking for a new vendor. The problem is I'm only familiar with Symantec and Syncsort, who seems to be way too expensive for some reason. What else is out there in the world of mixed environment backup that is worth checking out?