Unable to send ANY messages to our external relay.

GWIA.cfg has these entries:


GWAuth.cfg has these entries:

mail.authsmtp.com username password
;(user/pass changed in post. correct in the config file.)

Resolv.cfg points to an internal DNS server that has forward lookups to
external servers.

PING tests from the NetWare console resolve 100% to the domain. Multiple
tests return multiple IP.
NSLookup when used as follows:

NSLOOKUP mail.authsmtp.com

Default DNS server name cannot be resolved
Default DNS server

NSLookup (enter)
>mail.authsmtp.com (enter)


Non-authoritative answer:
Name: mail.authsmtp.com

As a test, I configured the GW8 client to send to the relay using a DNS name
as above with port 2525 and it works.

I think I've got something wrong with my GWIA, but don't know what I may
have done wrong.