I'm sure I'm missing something here.

NetWare 6.5.7 NSS volume contains two directories with lots of files.

NetWare volume stats reports:

Total space: 142,231,728 KB
Free Space: 66,930,608 KB
Compressed Space: 11,998,536 KB
Used Space: 63,302,548 KB

Now, I used migfiles to transfer those two directories to OES2 SP1 Linux NSS volume.

(the volume IS larger, so I'm not concerned about that).

Using the 4.91 SP5 client (same as above), volume stats shows:

Total space: 125,637,328 KB
Free Space: 39,189,836 KB
Compressed Space: Not available (I'm already aware of this issue)
Used Space: 86,447,492 KB

I figured I'd double-check with iMangler on the OES2 SP1 server.

Available Space: 38271.32 MB
Used Space: 84421.38 MB

It seems that NSS on OES2 Linux is not as efficient when it comes to data storage compared to NetWare?

Is there something like block size or whatever that would be causing this?

(both volumes are stored on our SAN and the virtual disks are setup the same except for size of the vdisk).