I am having a problem with group polices and I'm hoping someone can help clarify how this works.

All our workstations are preconfigured with a local group policy that sets the screensaver timeout to 3 minutes and cannot be changed by the user. On some workstations we wish to change this timeout to 30 minutes.

As of now the only way we get this to work is to delete the group policy folders on the local workstation. Then the correct timeout policy setting gets applied but we are losing all of the preconfigured local workstation settings.

The workstation policy package is assigned to a workstation role. The workstation is than an assigned member of the workstation role.

I would like the workstation policy package to overwrite any conflicting policies on the workstation but leave all the rest. I hope this makes sense.

I haven't been able to determine for certain what order policies are applied to the workstation and how the settings in the Workstation Policy Manger in Console One affect those.