Our full production BorderManager Server has a public eth card and a private eth card setup with the following board/interface names:

CE100B_1_EII - Public Interface
N100_1_EII - Private Interface

I have existing filters is place and when I look in the FILTERS.CFG these original names exist of course. We are just about to add a third card for a DMZ as well.

My question is how can I rename these existing 2 ethernet cards to logical names that make a little more sense when looking at my filters ie. PUBLIC and PRIVATE and eventually DMZ would be good.

Do I just manually modify NETINFO.CFG and FILTERS.CFG with the new names and then restart server. Then do I need to do a FILTSRV MIGRATE. Is this right?

Or is there some other method ... I do not want to delete both interfaces and start again.

Dale Bentley