I have at problem with a Netware 6.0 used as a router.

My ISP have given me 2 IP segmens,
Segment 1: (
Segment 2: (

I want to use my Netware server a router for my 2. Segment

I have 4 NIC i My server.
NIC 1: with a gateway for ISP
NIC 2:
NIC 3: Privat IP 192.168.xxx.xxx
NIC 4: Privat IP 192.168.xxx.xxx

I want to put a test servers or test hardware on NIC 2 with a IP rance of
How can I do this.?? (can I do this? or does I need to buy a router )

My ISP has routed Segment to my IP

I can sent Ping request fra a netware server on my test segment, but no DNS request or any TCP/IP trafic

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kim Henriksen