I am testing out iPrint for our school network. I have successfully installed iPrint, and rolled out the iPrint client via Zen to some machines at one of the schools. I can go to my ipp website and install printers fine.

I want to be able to login to a machine and for ICM to install a printer automatically on login. I have been able to make this work, but only after I have gone to install a printer from the ipp website on the server.

I would like it all to be automatic - ie the client is loaded via Zen, the next user to login gets the printer, and does not have to go find it on the ipp site.

I have also found that when I have ICM working I cannot install more than one printer at a time. Its not absolutely necessary but I would like to do this for the initial roll out. Currently we print direct to the TCP/IP port of the printer, but need to be able to audit printing, and I want to do the switch as painlessly and as automatically as possible. Can I roll out printers through Zen efficiently?


John R.