So in trying to resolve an issue with my Blackberry (long story short,
AT&T decided about 4 months ago to allow us to upgrade to OS 4.5, but
didn't bother to tell me - and I'd been fighting with some problems), I
ended up rebooting my primary PC into Windows Vista Home Premium (which
came with the system).

Anyone who thinks software management on Windows is great compared to
openSUSE is HORRIBLY wrong.

Now I will grant that it's been a year and a half since I last ran Vista
on this system. That's a lot of updates.

I also shrunk the disk partitions down to make room for my openSUSE
installation, so disk space was a problem.

It took no fewer than 15 reboots (no exaggeration here, honest!) to get
all the patches installed, the updated Blackberry desktop app installed,
and all the other "HP provided software" updates, drivers, and so on

About 4 hours worth of work, using *5* different software updaters. You
got the Symmantec one, the HP one, Windows Update, Windows Defender (why
couldn't they use Windows update for that, I wonder), a *second* HP
updater for the firmware on the system.....

This is CRAZY!

On my openSUSE boxes, I have *one* software updater that provides about 3
different interfaces, and it talks to something like 6 repos. That's
it. One tool, and if I update the system, I don't have to reboot unless
there's a kernel update.

On Vista, to make more disk space, I turned off the paging file. Wow,
that requires a reboot (I'd forgotten about that). Compare to Linux's
"swapoff" command.

It took twice as long to update Vista as it did to COMPLETELY REINSTALL
(upgrade) my BlackBerry's OS AND perform a factory reset on it (which
took about an hour - which I think is just about as dumb).

Man am I glad to be back on my Linux system! :-)


Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1, CLA10, CLP10
Novell Training Services