I have an Acer 6293 Travelmate that I'm trying to retrofit with XP SP3. The notebook is a standard build that we use across 11 other models (HPs and Acers). The problem we are having is when we logout or shutdown. The "Closing Network Connections screen" remains for around 12 - 15 seconds per mapped drive. An Admin user typically has 8 mapped dives and it takes around 90 seconds to shutdown. A test account has 4 mapped drives and takes 40 - 45 seconds.

If I open windows explorer and manually disconnect each NW mapped drive, the notebook shuts down within 10 seconds.

This problem is unique only to this Notebook, no other model has this issue.

We use Zen, but I have not installed the agent and we do not use roaming profiles or DLU.

Any ideas would be appreciated.