I have this strange situation:
All files get backed up without issues except of the following:

Files in SYS:\SYSTEM and SYS:\RPMS which were copied there by the
update to SP8. And it affects only files which were directly copied by
the SP (of course after extracting the whole SP to a NSS volume) and
not files extracted from a zip-archive by the SP.
Error is: rights for "filename" not sufficient (or something else
retranslated from German).

The user used for the backup is supervisor to the root of sys (and to
the root of the tree) - and those files are accessible via NCP for this
user and his effective rights are supervisor for these files which have
no special attributes except of "archive".

Only difference to previous SP installs was, that the SP files were
situated on an OES2Sp1 Linux server NSS volume - before they always
resided on Netware servers.
W. Prindl